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Video of the Scotland, AR EF3 tornado on April 30, 2010

Below is a picture of the Scotland, AR EF3 tornado from the south side of Clinton looking west, taken by Dick McGowan leading the follow vehicle for Storm Chasers this season, as well as two pictures of the tornado we saw after dark west of Bee Branch, AR.  This cone tornado was on the second supercell on the heels of the Scotland storm, and was backlit by frequent lightning with textbook structure.  A new circulation was trying to form to our northwest as the first tornado occluded, but from our vantage point fell apart before heading into Clinton.

At right is the storm relative velocity image from Little Rock at the time of the Scotland tornado (7:16 pm CDT), which is a little before the picture at upper left was taken.  The damage survey showed the Scotland was an EF3, and sadly, there was 1 fatality that night.. which could have been much worse without more advanced warning -- the town tornado shelter was completely full.  Several other tornadoes touched down that day, including an EF1 near the MO border with an earlier supercell, and a quarter-mile wide EF2 on the south side of Little Rock.  More details on this tornado event in Arkansas can be found here on the NWS Little Rock page:

Here is the video from this chase.  We tried to intercept north of Clinton as the wedge continued northeast, but you'll have to check out Storm Chasers on Discovery this fall to see what happened!  Tomorrow we had to Central Kansas, so be sure to check out the live stream throughout the afternoon and evening.  Next week looks like the apocalypse.

Clinton, Arkansas EF3 Tornado! April 30, 2010
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