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HIGH RISK! Tornado outbreak possible again today!

Arkansas and southern Missouri saw a pretty intense round of severe weather  yesterday, as a train of tornadic supercells roared northeast across the  Ouachitas, Ozarks and points east. Destructive tornadoes occurred near  Gainesville and Willow Springs, MO; and near Clinton, Scottland, Bebee, Fox and  Little Rock, AR, among other areas. The TVN crew saw a couple of tornadoes near  Clinton, one of which was a wedge; their photos and video should be up within  the next day or so.

It would appear that the same type of event could transpire  again today, although the heaviest action should develop more along the  Mississippi River Delta and especially southern Arkansas, where instability and  shear should be maximized. This is definitely a dangerous weather situation,  as violent tornadoes are a possibility, as is heavy, flooding rain. Residents of these areas should take every precaution to ensure their safety today!

There will  be several teams chasing again today, so as always, be sure to check the Live  page throughout the event!
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