Author Topic: Tornadoes Severe weather outbreak possible today and tomorrow!!  (Read 2574 times)

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Severe weather outbreak possible today and tomorrow!!

A massive upper-level trough will be planted over the middle of the country  for the next few days, and when combined with a strong low-level jet and  abundant gulf moisture, the stage appears to be set for a rather significant  severe weather event now through the weekend. If enough instability can build  today and tomorrow, there could be an outbreak of tornadoes anywhere from  southern Missouri east to southern Illinois and south into northern Louisiana.   IF sufficient instability can build, Arkansas looks especially primed for  explosive supercell development this afternoon and into the evening, then again  tomorrow. This could rapidly become a very dangerous situation once storms fire,  given that extensive flooding is also expected in these same areas. A number of  live streamers will be in the field again today, so be sure to follow along on  the Live page!

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Re: Tornadoes Severe weather outbreak possible today and tomorrow!!
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News article which appeared this afternoon from 9msn regarding the storms

Tornadoes ripping through central Arkansas have killed at least three people, injured 25 others and destroyed several homes, authorities say.

A state Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman says teams are searching for people who may be trapped in a damaged home in Center Ridge, north of Little Rock.

Spokeswoman Renee Preslar said three people were killed and three homes were destroyed in nearby Van Buren County. Details haven't been released.

Arkansas State Police said tornado sightings have been reported just north in Culpepper. A sheriff's dispatcher said a sighting also was reported in the Oakland area, near the Missouri border.

Trees and power lines are down along roads in both areas.