Author Topic: NSW / SE QLD Rain Event & Storms: 2-5 Feb 2008  (Read 30225 times)

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Re: NSW / SE QLD Rain Event & Storms: 2-5 Feb 2008
« Reply #15 on: 07 February 2008, 09:33:15 AM »

Obviously hard to tell from the image but it seems the feature - possibly thick scud is associated with a line segment shelf cloud.

I love the nice clean structure aloft in the first image - it obviously developed arther rapidly.


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Re: NSW / SE QLD Rain Event & Storms: 2-5 Feb 2008
« Reply #16 on: 07 February 2008, 09:59:26 AM »
Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! I thought as much, as far as being scud cloud anyway? I had said to Russ at the time of photographing that maybe it was too good to be true lol! I'll still live in hope of the day that I can finally see a funnel form ;) The winds seemed to be everywhere at the lower levels which may have prompted the scud formation as there was quite a bit of it around, particularly later on in the afternoon when the humidity was quite high.(just before we copped 40mm from a storm and as a result, got flooded in) The low scud cloud always makes the storms look very impressive & photogenic when the CG fires through it, an interesting bonus of the high humidity I guess.

The first storm of the day did mature fast and the anvil developed within 20 minutes or so of strong updraft convection in the cumulus. If only I had a full camera battery at the time? I was lucky to get the full structure on 30seconds of footage. It was very impressive as the anvil spread right over town, very nice to see!

Thanks kindly,
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Re: NSW / SE QLD Rain Event & Storms: 2-5 Feb 2008
« Reply #17 on: 10 February 2008, 06:55:03 AM »
Rain and storm event Monday and Tuesday 4 - 5 February 2008

It is worth reporting the rainfall totals from some rain Sydney Rain gauges from this event, especially in SW Sydney. In particular an area south of the M4 motorway, south of Penrith to Blacktown and west of Bankstown which includes Campbelltown and Liverpool recorded some significant rainfall totals exceeding 100 mm.

Camden 149 mm
Campbelltown 145 mm
Liverpool 103 mm
Ingleburn and Minto - 115 to 118 mm

Falls of 140 mm also occurred in rural areas just to the south of Sydney.

However for the whole Monday and Tuesday event cumulative totals in this area of Sydney reached:-

Camden 173 mm
Campbelltown 167 mm
Liverpool 130 mm
Royal National Park 180 mm
Ingleburn and Minto 142 and 141 mm respectively.

A similar rainfall event happened last February 2007 in Campbelltown - SW Sydney.

Except for Mona Vale, these totals exceeded those along the coastal suburbs.

Harley Pearman