Author Topic: New Tropical Storm Probable In Atlantic!  (Read 3179 times)

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New Tropical Storm Probable In Atlantic!
« on: 15 August 2009, 08:00:13 PM »
New Tropical Storm Probable in Atlantic

Although the hurricane season in the Atlantic has begun with a slow start, it seems like things are finally starting to heat up. A large wave of thunderstorm activity has made it's way off the African coast and is now located just to the southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Conditions are favorable for further development, and the National Hurricane Center has noted a large, broad area of low pressure near the center of convection. The NHC is giving this area of thunderstorm activity a greater than 50/50 chance of becoming a tropical storm within the next 48 hours. It is currently moving due west at 10-15 mph. We will continue to monitor this developing situation!

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