Author Topic: Tornadoes Colorado Magic possible today!  (Read 2249 times)

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Tornadoes Colorado Magic possible today!
« on: 19 July 2009, 12:00:13 AM »
Colorado Magic possible today! A tornado watch has been issued for parts of eastern Colorado for a very interesting northwesterly-flow High Plains severe weather setup.Typically during tornado setups in eastern CO, you get persistent easterly upslope flow at low-levels with westerly flow aloft, but today southwesterly flow resides at the surface with very strong northwesterly flow aloft.Both setups result in strong bulk shear, but today right-moving supercells will be moving in an almost due southerly direction.Storms have already initiated over the Foot Hills and are moving southeast to the better moisture of the adjacent Plains.As of the 18z RUC analysis, the best 0-3 km EHIs (which is my favorite parameter for High Plains setups) are mazimized over extreme northeast Colorado where surface winds are more backed, but I would not be surprised if higher values fill in further south as the day wears on.Stay tuned for updates on the blog, and there should be some Colorado chasers streaming live video later on this afternoon.         
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