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Wandering Buffalo in a stand-off with Blacktown Police

READ MORE TO VIEW GALLERYBlacktown Police were confronted with an unusual situation where a Taser would probably prove useless. A water Buffalo was found wandering the Great Western Highway in Sydney's West.Around 2.40pm police from the Blacktown local area command responded to calls of a massive animal running amuck on the highway near Flushcombe Rd. True to the typical character of the Buffalo, "Bill" as it's named, didn't give much regard to the oncoming traffic. Nor did it respond to the commands issued by the Police.The Police (with the assistance of their vehicles) managed to keep the buffalo contained within a grassy area for 45 minutes. The NSW Fire Brigade were also called to assist with the "herding". Buffalo "Bill" was given food and water and was eventually coaxed back into its nearby enclosure.