Author Topic: Rain event and thunderstorms SE QLD & NSW (incl major flooding Mid North Coast): 13-18 Feb 2009  (Read 36709 times)

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Wow, what a beautiful storm! It looks like it is just sitting there very still until it grows into a huge monster to quickly come after you!

Offline Shaun Galman

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Hi Kristy84,
It definitely came to a halt for a good amount of time (almost 15minutes which is a long time in weather terms!) but still it wasn't the thing was rotating and swirling nicely.
It was one of the best structured storms of the season for us, particularly that the season was dominated by HP, low shear, squally rubbish. This one was a real turn-up and a pre-curser to our more normal storm weather ie; the nice highly convective and very active pulse-severe cells we are used to! :)

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