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Damaging tornadoes hit south-central Nebraska!

At least one large tornado has reportedly caused considerable damage just outside the town of Aurora, Nebraska. Details are still coming in, but at roughly 9:00 PM, the tornado apparently intensified very rapidly and has caused damage to the west side of Aurora along HWY 34. Several chasers were along that stretch of road at the time, and their accounts and footage will be available soon. There are also reports of damage coming from the Iowa-Minnesota border region.

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That is one impressive hook and circulation let alone the v-notch signature! Rapid development to a large and damaging tornado!

Stream Thunder captured dramatic footage of multiple tornadoes near Grand Island and Aurora; other chasers' footage is still to come, so check back for updates!!!

INCREDIBLE video from June 17, 2009 in southern Nebraska!

Aurora, NE Tornado, June 17, 2009

Aurora Nebraska Tornado Emergency 6-17-09


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BBC has some amateur video as well which probably shows the stormchasers car's tail lights in the distance.

Tornado wreaks havoc in Nebraska


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Continuing coverage of the INSANE 6-17 chase; TORNADO OUTBREAK POSSIBLE TODAY

Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin chased with TVN yesterday and got these dramatic shots of the crew in action. [Photos not for use without license.] As mentioned in the last update, the SRV lost the driver's side window, which resulted in some minor injuries to those onboard; hence the blood streaming down Reed's face! The SRV has Lexan windows but must be manually rolled up, and unfortunately there was little time to do so during this particular intercept yesterday -- one of FOUR on the day!

Check out more of Dick and Darin's work at

Also, below is new footage of the tornado southwest of Aurora, NE from meteorologist/storm chaser Jeff Snyder, who is one of the TVN live streamers! AMAZING footage from Jeff as well! Click the <strong>"READ MORE" </strong>tab to watch!
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As mentioned in the previous entry, Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin of TornadoLive chased with TVN on June 17. They captured some of the most dramatic footage of the day, including the moment when the tornado slammed into the TVN SRV, causing the driver's side window to explode! Check out their video below!

DRAMATIC, up-close video of the Aurora, NE tornado!

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Aerial footage from the June 17 Nebraska tornadofest!

As mentioned in earlier blog entries, the TVN/Radiance Technologies team  successfully launched the RC plane into the tornadic southern Nebraska  atmosphere on June 17th. The video below shows the initial launch with a tornado  in the background, and the RC plane deploying parachute probes into the inflow  region of the storm.  Note the aerial shots of the parachute probe getting  deployed out the rear, and sucked toward the tornado before wrapping around the  backside! Each of these probes measures temperature, pressure, and dewpoint  inside the tornado; one of the probes can even record HD video! The probes were  recovered that night from a corn field. Each of the probes has GPS tracking  ability and we plot their path and location in 3-D on Google Earth in the  Radiance vehicle.  At the time of the video below, we were in the process of  driving into theses same tornadoes (shown far away from the plane vehicle  perspective) with the SRV Dominator, with the radar pointed in the vertical to  measure the updraft winds while the roof-mounted anemometer measured winds in the horizontal. Be sure to watch Storm Chasers on Discovery this fall  for the rest of the story!!  (Click on the "READ MORE" button, below, for the video!)

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