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Video from - Radiance tornado field project - Day 1

Here is video from the first day of the - Radiance Technologies tornado field project, invovling the radar (CLOVER) on top of the SRV Dominator, and the 12-foot wingspan RC plane designed to drop 8 parachute probes in the inflow region of tornadoes, where they will be sucked into the vortex while collecting measurements of temperature, dewpoint, and barometric pressure.  This footage is from a supercell storm on June 9 that produced a nice wall cloud and two small funnels.  We recorded vertical wind data underneath a rotating wall cloud with the SRV, and deployed the plane to the south and east of a rotating wall cloud as the storm crossed an outflow boundary.  Radiance will be returning to the field with us for the next few storm chases, so stay tuned for updates! - Radiance field project - Day 1

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