Author Topic: Tornadoes Tornadoes possible again today in Colorado and Texas!  (Read 2068 times)

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Tornadoes possible again today in Colorado and Texas

Eastern Colorado into north Texas stand the best chance  of seeing a few supercells this afternoon into this evening; storms that do fire  will carry an attendant tornado threat.

For over a week, the long-range models have been  providing a lot of room for optimism in the development of a more substantial  Plains outbreak, and as the shorter-range models such as the NAM enter the  picture, confidence in the potential is growing. Right now it appears as though this weekend into early next week will be in the spotlight for several tornado events, from the Texas Panhandle eastward. We'll keep you posted!

Also, Graham Butler braved the MCS  mess southwest of Lubbock yesterday morning and was rewarded with this nice,  close-up (and unexpected!) view of a funnel. Graham is a chase partner of David Drummond's and is part of the TVN live streaming network.

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