Author Topic: Tornadoes TVN Radar deployed INSIDE the Kirksville tornado!  (Read 2890 times)

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TVN Radar deployed INSIDE the Kirksville tornado!

<p>Two days before the Kirksville, MO tornado (May 13, 2009), we drove the SRV to Radiance Technologies in Oxford, MS, where engineers Hank Rinehart and Mik Wimbrow were building us a radar to measure the horizontal and vertical winds inside a tornado.  We named this radar CLOVER (Close Range Vertical Radar) since the primary goal is to measure the updraft/downdraft winds inside a tornado, which has never been accomplished to our knowledge.  On May 11, CLOVER was ready to acquire experimental data, so Hank and Mik attached the radar to the back-right of the roof of the SRV for our storm chase in Missouri on May 13.  Here are the pictures and video from the radar installation at Radiance:</p>