Author Topic: 2004/2005 DVDs "Supercell Journey" finally released!  (Read 3875 times)

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2004/2005 DVDs "Supercell Journey" finally released!
« on: 31 March 2007, 05:49:05 AM »
Finally released as promised!

Australian Chasing DVDs

 "Supercell Journey" 2004/05 - set of 4 DVDs - We apologise for the delay but after a long wait, "Supercell Journey - Violent Storms on the Plains" has finally been released! All four volumes - Parts 1 to 4! Yes, that's 4 DVDs in one set - more than any other set ever produced. Why?

The 2004 - 2005 season produced some of the most impressive severe storms of all time. And not only severe storms - we are talking massive supercells - rotating beasts roaring across the Australian landscape. Is it the  massive hailstones  -  8cm or greater  that gets the adrenalin rush? Three such devastating events including two windsc windscreen smashing hailstorms reen smashing hailstorms are depicted on these DVDs. Yes finally the storms revenge - a rude awakening to reality for those who dared to venture through the core! Or perhaps it is the awesome beauty of the  sculptured LP supercell  gracefully rotating west of Sydney? Add in a classic supercell complete with rippl rippled vault ed vault cliasing in Sydney's suburbs? Ahh - how about you lightning fanatics? Try half an hour of fully edited pulsing lightning activity beginning with  sunset  - the most spectacular Australian lightning display I have ever observed! These DVDs have stretched the imagination to new limits. As a bonus, we have added 15 minutes of absolutely stunning highlights including never seen before footage! And best of all, these DVDs are educational. As we have done previously, the DVDs are annotated to allow each individual to understand the storm chasing jargon as well as illustrate what meteorological features are being depicted. From wall clouds to vaults to shelf clouds! And for those who enjoy timelapse, there is nothing better than to see the motions associated with these supercells timelapsed.

Purchase either or all of the 4 DVDs. Although, we normally encourage purchasing the full set, the special edition DVD set are edited as such to contain their own storm stories on each DVD. So why not take part in your " supercell journey ".

Check out:

Don't forget if you are a current financial ASWA member at the time of purchase, you are entitled to a discount.


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Re: 2004/2005 DVDs "Supercell Journey" finally released!
« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2007, 04:14:03 PM »
Gday Jimmy.

I sent you guys a payment yesterday by paypal.

I had no hesitation in purchasing this DVD set. It will be great,I cannot wait to see it.

I'll post some feedback in a few weeks once ive seen all four DVDs.


Michael Keene.

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Re: 2004/2005 DVDs "Supercell Journey" finally released!
« Reply #2 on: 04 April 2007, 04:36:30 PM »
I had a sneak peek and I can say you won't be disappointed Michael! Jimmy has done a totally awesome job and always has fresh ideas to keep things interesting. Let's not forget it was an excellent season with some of the most impressive supercells documented from the southern hemisphere.
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