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23rd March 2007 New Mexico chase
« on: 27 March 2007, 02:10:10 AM »

Here is Tim Marshall's chase in New Mexico! 3 tornadoes! This is an excerpt from the StormTrack Forum

The Marshall's had a great day today observing 3 tornadoes near Tatum, NM. We left Dallas and drove west on I-20, making the critical decision at Big Spring to head west to Eunice, NM. There we saw a pathetic tail-end charlie storm shear over and nearly die twice. But when the storm approached Lovington, the base enlarged and a large wall cloud developed and began rotating fast. However, it took a while for the circulation to tighten as the cloud bases were relatively high. But, when I saw the precipitation core decend behind the wall cloud, I knew a tornado was imminent. The first tornado was a stove pipe as shown by Wesley and we had a great unobstructed view of this tornado before it became wrapped in rain. We got up close and personal with the elephant trunk tornado #2 (also shown by Wesley) that occurred outside the wall cloud and got some great footage/images. The third tornado was a thin rope and only lasted less than one minute. We then came across an accident just north of the town of Crossroads. A woman flipped her SUV in the hail (up to 2 in.) that covered the road. We assisted her until police arrived but that pretty much ended the chase. By that time, it was getting dark and we decided to let the storm go. We saw on the XM, that a bow echo roared in from the west and merged with the supercell near Clovis. The comma head echo went right over the town. TM


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