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Storms 17 Feb 2007 to 18th February 2007 - Tropics
« on: 18 February 2007, 02:51:30 PM »
several nice storms came through this afternoon.  Huge CGs over our area and thankfully I was in the car as two of them struck close by.  The camera was ready but I wasn't about to stand in the open.  Drove about 6km down to the inlet boat ramp and got some neat shots as the storm passed through, the lightning was so, so active, but the rain curtain was heading my way.  Several boaties ventured into the downdraught portion much to my amazement as that was where the CGs were striking  -Doh!   what were they thinking???????

The system had a nice 45 degree rain curtain to the front but another portion of it saw the rain curtain sheared to the opposite direction - interesting wind variations!  Made for some nice photos of rain, rainbows and nice forward convection ahead of the main front. Hopefully the cell will be active for a bit longer as it's getting dark and photos are to be had!

The story about the tourist paraglider being sucked up in a storm updraft is in another thread:)

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