Author Topic: Extra terrestrial severe weather  (Read 2645 times)

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Extra terrestrial severe weather
« on: 10 February 2007, 05:40:25 AM »
 the mars rovers were losing power because of dust on the solar power cells , then suddenly the dust was gone and power was up , then they saw these guys on the camera's and now when ever they need a clean they go dustdevil chasing on mars

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Re: Extra terrestrial severe weather
« Reply #1 on: 10 February 2007, 07:45:12 AM »
Cool Nick!  I guess it would be classed as a weather event.  Just because it's on another planet does not mean it isn't - in fact weather on other planets is 100 or 1000 fold worse! 

Do you think they may look into these dustdevils further as part of their experients and footage?  i have not viewed that site much, but maybe you could enlighten me and those who are interested?

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