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Accuracy of the weather channel forcasts
« on: 12 March 2007, 01:07:36 PM »
Just a little annoyance with the weather channels forcasting - has anyone else seen 'on the hour' reports and felt that it's just night right?

I watched the weather channel on Fox last night and they mentioned that we have an 'active monsoon' still above us. Well, that's not quite correct.  We have a weak monsoon with another imbedded low of 1005hpa -  and they said to us viewers that we can expect 'monsoonal showers and storms'.  wel i got to thinking that that was last week and not this week!

We've had periodic afternoon and evening storms that are not associated with the monsoon, as it actually lies below us at the moment as Jacob pulls it further southward a tad.  Our storms have been coming from the SE/NE as they do between monsoon periods - so where do the people at the weather channel get their info?

It worries be a bit that even when severe TC Monica brushed us last April 2006, that their forcasting was at least 4 hours behind what we were observing?  So what gives.  Surely this is not accurate mediation for the public - a lot of people rely on this channel for updates on severe weather and if their telecasting it as a replay of an earlier edition - then that's just plain inaccurate forcasting and putting people under a sense of false impressions.

Has anyone else noticed this on this channel and though the same thing for their area?  Not much point in reporting something that either has not happened or has happened and it's relayed too late?  See what i mean?


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