Author Topic: South Australian storms/rain Jan 20-21 '07  (Read 4449 times)

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South Australian storms/rain Jan 20-21 '07
« on: 23 January 2007, 10:56:40 AM »
Some news from my in-laws from SA who live in Tickera, a small country coastal town up the NE of Yorke Peninsular.  They had pretty bad storms there and Saturday 20 Jan had around 62mm in one hour.  Significant land erosion of the coastal areas where they live (about 150 metres down the hill to the beach)  The houses are up on higher ground, but the dirt roadway to the boat ramp is no more - completely washed away due to run-off and soil erosion and due to saturation.

 The ramp is now a lone piece of concrete jutting out of the coastal edge and there was a large concrete storm water pipe which led from higher ground which has completely disappeared.  The locals now believe it is now an artificial reef 'somewhere offshore.'

They've had so much rain they've had to build mud levies at the back of their property to stop the water running down the hill through their property towards the beach.

All thanks to that monsoonal low that tracked through WA, NT and then SA and onwards.  Anyone else got any horror stories?

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