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On this day 24 /01/09 35 years ago
« on: 25 January 2009, 01:13:06 PM »
It was on this day, January 24 1974, (35 years ago) that cyclone Wanda crossed the coast of Queensland, near Double Island Point. As a result of the torrential downpour over the next few days,16 people drowned, more than 14000 people were evacuated and  all air, road and rail links were cut off.

 The Jindalee bridge was severely damaged when a gravel barge slammed into it, blocking the floodwaters and raising real fears that the bridge would collapse. The barge was partly-sunk using explosives to reduce the floodwater pressure on the bridge. When the floodwater receded the barge was refloated and beached downstream to be cut up for scrap. The damage sustained by the bridge required its partial closure for repairs. For two years after the floods, the bridge was reduced to a single lane. The bridge was duplicated in 1980, providing two lanes each way.

As a 8 year old kid, it was exciting to have an extra week of school. We lived on a hill at Rainworth and had friends stay with us as their houses were flooded.

Although it never peaked as high as the 1893 floods, it was the highest Brisbane had had since that historical event.

Today 24 /01/ 09 North West QLD is said to be Bracing for more floods and rain.

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