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Richard Hole

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I invented a new wind meter with advantages over other types. However, I need to calibrate it to high wind speeds. I have attached wind meters to a vehicle in the past to calibrate them. However, I can?t calibrate them above 120 km/hour due to the roads and speed limits.

Do you know of anyone who could help calibrate them such as someone with a wind tunnel or a storm chaser? Another option would be someone with a racing car on a race track.

I am also happy to freely loan the wind meters out as they are in the development stage. They are very simple, affordable and give the maximum speed up to any speed that you want.  They are mechanical and more reliable then many electronic ones. I also recommend the system for people with electronic anemometers as a back up, because electronic systems can fail at vital times such as in a cyclone. In severe storms there is a lot of moisture, along with power failures, that can cause problems with electronics.

The instrument can be remotely reset from the ground by pulling a cable to draw back a bright marker like a pin in a minimum-maximum thermometer. It has a wind sock which means it is not critical to have it vertical for an accurate measurement. Therefore, it does not matter if the pole supporting it leans a little. Hence the instrument can be clamped to a pole that is attached to the top of a tree where the pole sticks above the tree and only needs the tree for a support. The low cost and ease of installation means many more wind meters could be installed in our area.

Also I am trying to get other instruments set up and form a weather network. I have some ideas on how we could produce a better network of recording locations. Please let me know of anyone that can help. There is more information at . I would be interested in swapping links with other websites.

Any feedback is welcome.   

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard

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Re: Calibrating and trialing a new wind meter with advantages.
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Hi Richard,

Do you have any pictures of your instruments as I am pretty sure others are very curious in visualising what you are talking about in your post above. Picture tells a thousand words as they say....


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