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Storm Photo of the Week, Storm Chasers Episode 2 Airs Tomorrow!

Check out this amazing photo by Tom Hannan on April 27th, 2011 near Rose  Hill, MS.  He estimates he was about 500-600 feet away and could hear  the roar--a little too close for comfort!  This tornado was rated an  EF-4, had a damage path of 65 miles and sadly took the lives of 7  people.  TVN stayed the night in Meridian, MS that night and heard of the  fatalities, from this tornado, while chatting with local law  enforcement.  A lot of these areas, affected by the April 27th deadly  tornado outbreak, had very little media attention as some did this year,  and are still picking up the pieces and dealing with the aftermath.   Hopefully, everyone is in the process of healing now and can get their  lives back to as normal as possible, as soon as possible.

Storm Chasers, continues tomorrow (Sunday) at 10/9 E/C on The Discovery Channel, with a memorable chase near St. Louis, MO, where an EF-4 tornado  affected the international airport after dark!  What did everyone  think about the first episode(s)? See everyone tomorrow night.

Stay tuned, as this quiet week of weather ends, a much more active weather pattern week is in store...
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