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Goderich tornado rated an F-3, Storm Photo of the Week ( August  15 - 22)

The Goderich, Ontario tornado was given an F-3 rating by Environment  Canada and, unfortunately, killed one person--along with 37 other  injuries.  The Ontario government has announced that it will give "Canada's prettiest town" 5 million dollars to assist with the clean-up  and rebuilding.  Check out the AMAZING video someone shot, as well as other  information, href="

TVN's "Storm Photo of the Week" comes from, who was flying  over Sioux Falls, SD on August 6th.  Above, you'll notice the Northern Lights  as well as lightning in the same photo, which is a truly unique  experience! Congrats Tony! And congratulations on your recent engagement!  If you wish to send your photos and have them considered for the "Storm Photo of the Week" -- send them to TVNphotos (AT) gmail (Dot) com.

Hurricane Irene, could be a threat to portions of the East Coast in the next few days and TVN is  preparing to chase this hurricane, with an early departure tomorrow  morning.  Stay tuned, later tonight, for more on Hurricane Irene and TVN's plans to intercept her.
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