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Tornado Video from Nebraska on Thursday!  Hurricane Irene for the Gulf?

Andy Gabrielson and I witnessed 4 brief tornadoes last Thursday and captured these two, below, up-close!  Reviewing our position, I've concluded we were about 5-6 south of Oakdale, Nebraska at 6:55 p.m. and the other about 7-8 s/se of Oakdale, NE at 7:01 p.m.  The tornadoes we witnessed did very little damage and did not cause any injuries.

Nebraska tornadoes - EXTREME close-up! August 18, 2011!

The National Hurricane Center expects Tropical Storm Irene to become a hurricane by the time it reaches Hispaniola.  If it moves over more warmer waters and moving over Cuba and Hispaniola has little impact to it, it could be stronger than currently forecast.  There is much uncertainty at this time for the track, but TVN is standing by, and ready to deploy the D2 in the eyewall, should it reach Category 3 or higher.  Stay tuned!  Below is a map, showing the current watches/warnings from the National Hurricane Center.
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