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AMAZING Supercell Yesterday, More Severe Weather Expected Today!

Andy Gabrielson and I were on a storm that formed near Merriman,  Nebraska and trekked southeast across Cherry county into Hooker county,  Nebraska yesterday, giving us a beautifully-sculpted supercell towards  dusk.  We also experienced some small hail and some strong winds before  the storm fell apart near Tryon, Nebraska!  Extremely large hail  destroyed vehicles yesterday on I-90 in South Dakota up to  baseball-sized and evidently caused some accidents there!  To the left, is a photo of the supercell south of Mullen, Nebraska

Today, the potential is, again, there for a few tornadoes and very large  hail across portions of Nebraska, South Dakota and possibly Minnesota  and Iowa.  We're currently sitting in Springview, Nebraska, waiting on  initiation in the vicinity and expect a few supercells within the area.   The map, below, shows the foreceasted RUC EHIs in the area at 0z (or 7 p.m. CST), where we expect storms to initiate  and move along.  Be sure to check out the live streams and Reed's  Facebook fan page for more live streaming video and video blogs from the  field!

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