Author Topic: Tornadoes MASSIVE Haboob engulfs Phoenix!!! Severe Weather Possible Friday and Saturday!  (Read 4880 times)

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MASSIVE Haboob engulfs Phoenix!!!  Severe Weather Possible Friday and Saturday!


Yesterday, Mike Olbinski captured this AMAZING footage, above, of a haboob striking the Phoenix metropolitan area.  He said after it hit him in a matter of seconds, the sky was as dark as midnight out!  Haboobs are fairly common in the desert southwest during their monsoon season (as well as other desert regions across the world) when collapsing thunderstorms push their outflow (high winds) towards the surface creating a huge wall of dust.  Mike said in his 30 some years of living in Phoenix, he has never seen anything like that!  Check out Mike's other amazing photography work here

Tornado chances are increasing for parts of Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota for Friday (and into Canada) and possibly Saturday in the Northern Plains when another trough affects the regions.  Stay tuned for more updates!
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