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Severe weather possible over next several days

A large, rather potent upper-level storm system will impact parts of the  southern Plains beginning this afternoon, and will persist for the next few days  going toward the weekend. West-central Oklahoma is currently under a tornado  watch, with isolated storm initiation possible (but not guaranteed) over the  next few hours; parts of eastern Colorado will likely see isolated supercells  capable of tornadoes later this evening as well. A larger severe thunderstorm  event is expected Thursday, with supercells possible along a warm front that  should extend across the vicinity of the Nebraska/Kansas border, as well as  along the dryline that will materialize across western Kansas southward into  north Texas. The area of heightened storm potential will be similar on Friday as  the upper-level trough responsible is expected to remain quasi-stationary before  finally migrating east into the upper and mid-Mississippi River Valley  on Saturday. Wind shear profiles appear favorable for tornadoes over the next  several days, so as usual, storm chasers will likely be out in force, streaming live video and otherwise providing ground-truth to the National Weather Service  and local media. Now is a great time for residents of the aforementioned areas  to prepare for severe weather; NOAA weather radios with fresh batteries save  lives, and we encourage everyone to have one.  (Also, minor detail: Dominator 2 will make its maiden storm chase tomorrow as  well! Photos to come in subsequent updates.)
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