Author Topic: Tornadoes High risk! Dangerous weather situation ongoing on the east coast!  (Read 3098 times)

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High risk! Dangerous weather situation ongoing on the east coast!

A large tornado has evidently just struck Raleigh, North Carolina. Shown at left  are righ-resolution base reflectivity and storm relative velocity images taken  as the massive supercell with a confirmed tornado plowed through the southwest  side of the city. At this time, a line of supercells extend from the eastern  West Virginia panhandle all the way to eastern South Carolina--any of these  could produce strong to violent tornadoes. The Storm Prediction Center has  issued a rare HIGH RISK for most of eastern North Carolina into northeast  Virginia, as this extremely dangerous weather event continues. Those in the risk  areas are urged to exercise extreme caution, and be ready to execute their  smartest weather safety plan in the event of a warning.

Below is video taken by Reed, Chris and Dustin "Bobo" Feldman last evening  right outside of Leakesville, Mississippi. Reed says that the Leakesville  tornado was much stronger than the Jackson-area tornado they filmed earlier in  the day, making it especially more dangerous given that it occurred at night  (Click here for video from Clinton Mississippi earlier in the day)

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