Author Topic: Tornadoes Latest winter storm to impact southern Plains, mid-South!  (Read 3289 times)

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Latest winter storm to impact southern Plains, mid-South

Another round of wintry weather is anticipated across portions of Kansas,  New Mexico, Oklahoma, north Texas and points eastward into the mid-Mississippi  Valley region, as another arctic airmass will invade beginning tomorrow. A broad  area of low pressure is expected to develop over north-central Texas tomorrow  morning, and will move generally eastward. This will encourage the flow of  moisture into the southern Plains and mid-South, and will be the fuel necessary  for precipitation. Freezing rain, sleet and eventually heavy snow are expected  as this moisture combines with the arctic airmass. Significant snow  accumulations are possible across this entire region, and locally heavy snow  should result in ~12" or more for some areas, although ]forecast models[/url] are not  quite in agreement on location at this time. Be sure to monitor local weather  service and media for the latest weather statements for your area. And, as  always, a number of chasers will be streaming this event, so be sure to check  out the Live page to see what's happening in real-time!

Also, check out video from the last storm in western Michigan! Chris  Chittick and Terry Rosema braved the elements! 

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