Author Topic: US trip 2006 - May 3 2006 north west Texas - supercell and possible tornadoes  (Read 8160 times)

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This was one of the most awesome events to have chased. Everything seemed doomed until extreme lapse rates of 10 degrees per kilometre attributed to the cap breaking by mid afternoon. Storms entering into an environment with 4000 CAPE values lead to explosive development. We intercepted briefly an LP supercell and then got the best near Jayton. This had a large mesocyclone and reachd heights of over 60,000 feet or over 18km not including the overshoot.There were multiple bolts in the 2 to 3 second range from the anvil - we would require checking video footage as to the length of a couple of the bolts.

Photos later - we have a chase to attend to.


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