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New weather network and instrument interest.
« on: 04 July 2006, 07:53:39 PM »

I am trying to form a weather network and am planning to set up more weather instruments. Some of the technology is new, simple and affordable with advantages over what is currently available. I am wondering if you know of anyone who would be interested in helping me set up or distribute some weather instruments including rain sensors, wind meters and cameras. I am lending them to people so that they can be tried. I also have some ideas on how we could produce a better network of recording locations. Do you know the contacts of storm chasers or anyone who could work with me as described below? Also, I have a website at and am interested in swapping links with people.

I am from Tolga which experienced the eye wall of Cyclone Larry. There is a lack of accurate wind readings in our area. However, many people are interested in the wind speed. I have invented a wind meter which has advantages. It is very simple, affordable and gives the maximum speed up to any speed that you want. I would like to work with you to get some of them set up in different places. I am not worried about making money or selling them at this stage. I am prepared to loan them on trial. I can make more units at home, however, I also need people to help manufacture and distribute them.

They are mechanical and more reliable then many electronic ones. The instrument can be remotely reset from the ground by pulling a cable to draw back a bright marker like a pin in a minimum-maximum thermometer. It has a wind sock which means it is not critical to have it vertical for an accurate measurement. Therefore, it does not matter if the pole supporting it leans a little. Hence the instrument can be clamped to a pole that is attached to the top of a tree where the pole sticks above the tree and only needs the tree for a support. The low cost and ease of installation means many more wind meters could be installed in our area. I also recommend the system for people with electronic anemometers as a back up, because electronic systems can fail at vital times such as in a cyclone. In severe storms there is a lot of moisture, along with power failures, that can cause problems with electronics. I would be interested in getting the device calibrated as well if you know where I can test it in a wind tunnel or by other means.

I am trying to get other instruments set up like rain sensors in different areas. Do you know anyone good at electronics who could help me to do this?

A network could be formed where the information is automatically uploaded to the Internet or transmitted by radio. Leaf wetness sensors could be installed at different locations to measure when drizzle is falling in different areas. Drizzle and light rain are often not picked up on the radar. However, such precipitation can cause problems by wetting equipment, reducing visibility and making driving more dangerous. A network could be formed to instantly warn people when this precipitation is coming towards them.

Digital cameras could also be set up on people's properties if the owners have a good view. The images could be automatically uploaded to the Internet. There is a way to generate high quality images that are better than most web cameras. Such images would give a good idea of what the weather is like in our area. They would be very useful for sightseers, pilots, tourists or anyone interested in the weather. I could freely provide a computer to process the photographs.

If you are interested in trying a camera or weather instrument on your property or if you could help set any of them up, please contact me.

You are welcome to visit me and look at my equipment.

It would be appreciated if you could share this letter. However, please email me first so that I can send you a copy specially formatted for emailing or newsletters.

Any feedback is welcome.   

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard