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Title: Hector Convection
Post by: Mike on 17 December 2007, 09:31:13 AM
Have not posted too many pics of 'Hector' so just adding this small thread on the side in case anyone wants to comment or ask any questions that i may be able to answer.

He's been up and full blown every day for the last month or two, although high he has not exhibited the huge towers and outflowing anvil that makes it really impressive.  The pics today I snapped simply because of the sheer size of it.  You can see the makings of full length pileus which stretches end-to-end of the crown and wonderful wind flow patterns around the circumference of the anvil structure.  The structure is enhanced 200% at sunset as the sun gives it a blood red colouration and highlights the underside of the anvil crown.  Very impressive.

He's part of a MCS (multicell convective system).  Whilst not always being produced by this and more often than not is produced as one single cell (the size of the Tiwi Islands!) he is well documented from scientists from NASA and other experimental visits from them that he is in fact borne of this type of convective process.  I've posted shots previously of MCS cells being formed either side and i think there's a pic of three distinct large cells in line with each other.

I've looked at countless articles about aerosol displacement tests by NASA and others and they all say that he is part of this MCS system of storm convection, not unique per se but it is only found this big up here in the NT on the islands.  Other countries have this hector convection, South Africa, Florida, Mexico, equatorial islands, South America also.

Just some info on him - he's always a drawcard for the camera!

Title: Re: Hector Convection
Post by: Michael Bath on 17 December 2007, 10:05:17 AM
Hi Mike,

Good idea having a separate thread for this. Pictures of the Hector storm get lost amongst all the other storms in the Darwin season thread.

I have one sort of trivial question - does everyone refer to it as 'he' or 'him' all the time?  I always use 'it' for storms, including TCs, but that's just me :)


Title: Re: Hector Convection
Post by: Mike on 17 December 2007, 10:26:10 AM
Cars are 'she', bikes are 'she', ships are 'she'.  Storms are 'he'!!!  The locals up here for years have referred to 'it' as 'he' simply for the name, Hector.  The bureau had some input into that many, many years ago I've read.  Yes, they do refer to the storm as 'he' or 'him'.  Frankly I personally use 'man-storm' to be politically correct...:P