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Title: Qld Severe Storms 11th October 2011 - Mackay Radar
Post by: David C on 12 October 2011, 04:32:29 PM
Oct 11, 2011: QLD central coast:

Hey guys, another long-lived storm has tracked NE crossing the coast just to the south of Mackay - rarely look at this radar so no idea on its calibration but it does look (well, looked) intense.  A pronounced storm split, cell mergers, it all happened over the last 6 hours; and another interesting cell has fired up now too! The deep layer sheer is very good up there  and surface T/Td spreads are quite tight!  Looking at the models you would want to be there right through the weekend!

See : 128km Radar Loop for Mackay, 03:00 11/10/2011 to 15:00 11/10/2011 UTC
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David C