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Title: Bangladesh - Tornadoes 2006
Post by: David C on 14 April 2006, 07:04:27 AM

Well I guess Bangladesh could be considered a tornado alley and it is probably not worth a new forum topic! I had my eye on a few events earlier this month that were characterised by -14 LI, 5000+ CAPE on GFS and with good vertical windshear.   

Well, the guy who runs the bangladesh tornadoes site has some radar imagery of these events (500km broadscale). This guy is a NWS forecaster out of Dodge City so I very much doubt there is any 'ramping' going on with his forecasts (ie no ridiculous modification of soundings to arrive at index values that makes one feel validated, Darwin style). Take a look, but just get a load of those soundings. These are BIG storms and radar tends to verify that.

He had a few PDS tornado watches out; again I think his forecasts are very reasonable rather than overly bullish. The jet has since retreated to the north of the Tibetan plateau so the season may be over, but still worth watching.

Bangladesh Tornadoes convective outlooks